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The monument to the Heroes of the Leninist Komsomol. I stand and wonder who these heroes were, in WW II, in Afghanistan. What did they really believe they were doing? Who did they really think they were? The Google Maps … Weiterlesen

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Catedrala Mitropolitană Nașterea Domnului

The interior here is beautiful, and I am finding the feeling inside Orthodox churches is becoming familiar. I am inspired by the depiction of humans and their acts as wise, angelic, as opposed to a procession of paintings of people … Weiterlesen

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Moldavan National History Museum

I find the artifacts from WW II and the 1990s here moving. There is no narrative content, in Romanian or otherwise. To the left is a uniform described as being from the Romanian army, to the right a uniform of … Weiterlesen

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Arcs, triumphal and otherwise

This is Chişinau’s Arch of Triumph, and is described in two on-line sources as having been built in 1840 and 1841. There are plaques on two sides giving dates of 1836 and 1846. One on-line source describes it as commemorating … Weiterlesen

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Iaşi Palace of Culture

The Palace has four different museums as well as civic offices in it. It is immaculate. The hallways and bathrooms are without flaw and spotless, as was the history museum in Bucharest. In this case „Moldavia“ means the state of … Weiterlesen

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Empires and Republics

In 1980 a colleague in the anti-nuclear movement said a friend of his suggested the only thing worse than the US losing the Cold War would be the US winning it. It took me thirty years to understand this. CounterPunch: … Weiterlesen

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Castelul Corvinilor

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Bran Castle

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Mănăstirea Radu Vodă

I found the interior of this church quite beautiful. The church is very much in use, so I wasn’t about to whip out my cellphone to take pictures, and honestly photos don’t capture the effect of places like this. I … Weiterlesen

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Palace of the Parliament

Second largest office building in the world (the largest is the Pentagon). First time I’ve been required to leave a passport while visiting a building. While waiting for the tour to start American soft rock is playing, Elton John’s Don’t … Weiterlesen

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World Press Freedom Index

Reporters Without Borders published this. I found it interesting.

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