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Vilnius Ghetto

I didn’t notice this last year, but must have walked right by it. Went to Leičiai again, and again really enjoyed it. They don’t brew the Juodas anymore, but the stout is quite good. Last year I noticed that this … Continue reading

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Salaspils Memorial

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Konzentrationslager Riga-Kaiserwald Denkmal

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In Latvia I can watch an American comedy about an American vice president, at a time when real estate mogul Donald Trump is in the White House and creationist Mike Pence is vice president. These two won the 2016 national … Continue reading

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“For Fatherland and Freedom” (and for Radisson?) — Riga’s Freedom Memorial is very martial and very male. Whereas in Russia I was continually struck by the extent to which war memorials showed women, grieving women especially but also women soldiers … Continue reading

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