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Neoliberal Fascism

Henry Giroux: While the call to resist neoliberal fascism is to be welcomed, it has to be interrogated rather than aligned with individuals and ideological forces that helped put in place the racist, economic, religious, and educational forces that helped … Weiterlesen

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Ukmergė South

Some of these ruins seem innocuous, but then you think about it and those are weapons apertures. Some young guys spent hours on watch here, day after day. What did they imagine 2018 might be like? What world did they … Weiterlesen

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Karmėlava North

The bunkers for the sites with missile hangers are not as impressive as the missile bunkers at Tauragė of course. What kept going through my mind was that according to https://wikitravel.org/en/Lithuania#Cold_war these R-12 (SS-4) sites were later upgraded to SS-20s. Just … Weiterlesen

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