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Nuremberg Trials Memorial

Next to this display there was a movie running with Benjamin B. Ferencz addressing Swiss law students on the history of the ICC. Ferencz is a very personable, compelling speaker. I found it quite upsetting to be at this place and be the … Continue reading

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Den Opfern der Kriege 1914 bis 1918 + 1939 bis 1945 und der Gewaltherrschaft 1933 bis 1945 These inscriptions strike me sometimes as perverse. What I’ve been noticing in addition, and more interestingly, is that the dates 1933 and 1945 … Continue reading

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Dokumentationszentrum Reichsparteitagsgelände

Buses unload and tourists of various nationalities head in. Americans are loud as always and everywhere. The museum is carefully constructed with angles askew, giving the impression perhaps of visiting a ruin. It is an artful ruin, however. The advertising … Continue reading

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Zeppelin Field

1994 was when the last Russian troops left Germany. There is a dog show this morning. From the tribune where Nazi officials viewed Leni Riefenstal-filmed troop formations I can clearly hear down on the field an announcer calling the line-up … Continue reading

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Justizvollzugsanstalt Nürnberg

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