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Frauenkirche, Dresden

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Brühlsche Terrasse

I read this and thought that here again are the powerless apparently soothing themselves with a knowing „just you wait“ vow. The woman to the right, about ten years older than me, read the quote, shook her head dimissively and … Weiterlesen

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Dresden Hauptbahnhof

Can you imagine being here at the end of September 1989 watching a train of East Germans from Prague heading to West Germany?

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Riesaer Str. 32, Dresden

The printshop where Inge Viett worked. There was a pleasant Hof party going on today. A guy sat by the entrance studiously smoking a joint. A woman sold vegan waffles, her booth opposite a table full of anarchist literature. Colo-radio, … Weiterlesen

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Gedenkstätte Pirna-Sonnenstein

  I was struck by this photo for several reasons. It’s from Bełżec, which the SS had so erased from existence that it had been plowed under and planted, with a lone watchman left playing farmer to report on the … Weiterlesen

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KZ Königstein

The plaque explaining that a concentration camp was once on this site can be seen at the lower right, to the right of the frozen yogurt stand and across from the machines for paying for parking.

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