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Geuzen Monument

„Resistance against the enemy happens always at the right time.“ And he’s naked. I like this so much! Commemorates 18 slain resistance fighters. He is facing across the road to the former police headquarters where captured resistance fighters were taken.

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Stronger through Combat

Rotterdam. Memorial monument 1940 – 1945, May 4, 1957. Here, truly, the modern meets the postmodern. This is in a shopping mall. I haven’t the heart to photograph in the other direction. I like the sculpture.

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Leer nooit te vergeten!

Amersfoort again. When I was here last month I’d thought the tower was just built to dramatize the museum entrance, but it turns out this is the only surviving original tower, which has been periodically refurbished. „Black black“ is the … Weiterlesen

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Memorial Woeste Hoeve

This is where the SS murdered 117 Dutch as a reprisal for the attack on Hanns Albin Rauter. Here as all over Eastern Europe the enemy is The Germans. At German memorials it’s almost always Fascism, rarely Nazism. Emblematic for … Weiterlesen

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Our martyrs

Her descriptions of Westerbork inmates helping to load families, old people, and infants onto the doomed transport trains are ruthlessly candid and unbearably wrenching. She knew all too well that her survival would mean someone else’s death, and the whole … Weiterlesen

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Packing sandals

July 1942: I catch myself making all sorts of minor but telling adjustments in anticipation of life in a labour camp. Last night when I was walking along the quay beside him in a pair of comfortable sandals, I suddenly … Weiterlesen

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