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Binnenhof, Den Haag

Some of the Englandspiel agents were held here. The wording is always so interesting. Torture and death through betrayal, bureaucracy and ineptitude can be turned into a gratefully received gift.

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The Observer

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Englandspiel Monument

Smiley’s people.

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Scheveningen Prison South/East

Members of the Dutch Resistance were imprisoned here. Some of those shot in reprisal for the Hanns Albin Rauter attack were prisoners from Scheveningen.

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Alexanderkazerne Bombardment Monument

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Waalsdorpervlakte Bourdon Bell

This site is a kilometer down a hiking and biking path through the dunes. The bell is encircled by a single strand of wire and protected by the unambiguous signage. Google Maps informs that the site opens at 10:00. I’d … Continue reading

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