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UK government and military accused of war crimes

BBC: The UK government and armed forces have been accused of covering up the killing of civilians by British troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. An investigation by BBC Panorama and the Sunday Times has spoken to 11 British detectives who … Weiterlesen

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Holocaust Memorial

Remember those who departed from this place. All of the exhibits here are very static. Remember the dead, those who sat in this theater for an hour, for a day, a week, before being transported to a deportation camp and … Weiterlesen

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February 1941 Strike Monument

The man’s robust, a dock worker. I like his stance. This is a man saying „No!“.

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Kamp Schoorl

Deze boom maant ons, die strijd in woord en daad voort te zetten. The monument and the tree are at the junction of two paths separating a park from large single family homes. This early Sunday morning several people come … Weiterlesen

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