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De Schaffelaar

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Airborne Museum Hartenstein

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Airborne Monument, Oosterbeek

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Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery

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St. Elisabeth Hospital

My chest tightened seeing this appear over the rise. It was humbling to be here.

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Coehoornpark is surrounded by art school buildings. This is several blocks away. What are students imagining when they see this? If I went to school here, would I wear the Dutch equivalent of an Emma Goldman t-shirt and carry my … Continue reading

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KZ Außenlager Coehoorn-Kaserne

The Degenerate Tree. This is a really interesting sculpture, symbolizing the life of an immigrant, transplanted but not rooted in a new environment. The morning was cold and foggy. Frost was on everything, and a wooden deck in the playground … Continue reading

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KZ Außenlager Saksen-Weimar-Kaserne

I walked around and couldn’t find any sort of plaque or other mention of the AL.

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