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Beyond Vietnam

Martin Luther King, April 4, 1967: Now, it should be incandescently clear that no one who has any concern for the integrity and life of America today can ignore the present war. If America’s soul becomes totally poisoned, part of … Weiterlesen

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And when there is no armistice?

The Conscientious Objector The gates clanged and they walked you into jail More tense than felons but relieved to find The hostile world shut out, the flags that dripped From every mother’s windowpane, obscene The bloodlust sweating from the public … Weiterlesen

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Wikipedia: An expatriate (often shortened to expat) is a person residing in a country other than their native country.[1] In common usage, the term often refers to professionals, skilled workers, or artists taking positions outside their home country, either independently or sent abroad by their employers, … Weiterlesen

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