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Authenticity 👕

Washington Post: Anne Applebaum, a Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and former columnist for The Washington Post who now writes for the Atlantic, warned attendees that the traditional fact check — in which individual claims by politicians or advocacy groups are vetted … Weiterlesen

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Zum Glück gibt es Amerika II

John J. Mearsheimer speech at the European University Institute, 16.06.2022: I will make two main arguments today. First, the United States is principally responsible for causing the Ukraine crisis. This is not to deny that Putin started the war and … Weiterlesen

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Die Zeit: Various versions of surprise seem to be the majority response to societal and political fracture in the US, global warming. „This is not America“. „A once-in-100-years heat wave“. I wonder if possibly this will be simply a constant, … Weiterlesen

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