Fourth of July in the time of the coronavirus

Süddeutsche Zeitung:

Los Angeles Times:

American flags decorate tents at an encampment of homeless veterans along San Vicente Boulevard in Brentwood on Saturday. (Luis Sinco)

„Before this, I was waking up and all I had was a prayer,” said Sarver, who served in the Navy during the Iran hostage crisis. Now, he said, he has a place to sleep and eats three meals a day. He’s grateful to have a place as the coronavirus — what he called “an act of God” — tears through the city.

On Independence Day, Sarver said, he felt patriotic.

“I was thinking earlier, and I teared up a little bit,” he said, an American flag pinned to his shirt.

Washington Post:

America on its 244th birthday: Dark skies, canceled parades, but also new hope
Despite the nationwide surge of worry and stress since the epidemic hit hard in March, more than 7 in 10 Americans told the Gallup Poll in mid-June that they experienced happiness and enjoyment through much of their day, a bump up in positive feelings since late March.…

Still, Ellison said, “the country will come together. My bookstore is history-oriented, and history teaches us that we will always continue to evolve. Every generation thinks their time is the worst it’s ever been. No, it’s been worse. All of this has been brewing since long before the president even ran for office. But the boil will simmer down. Time settles emotions. Things have a way of balancing and righting themselves. They always have.”

I try to glance at the New York Times and Washington Post regularly, to see the world through that perspective, enjoy the David Brooks/Marc Fisher wise, knowing empty banalities. It’s pretty cool stuff.

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