Ted Cruz in Iowa

I want to speak for a moment to the soldiers and sailors and airmen and Marines and moms and dads who have a child serving overseas. And husbands and wives wake up wondering if their loved one is still alive, waiting months upon months to get a hug from mommy, a kiss from mommy. The men and women sent into combat with arms tied behind their back with no idea when it will end in January, 17. You will have a commander in chief who finally has your back. And to the police officers, and the firemen, and the first responders, the heroes who rushed in to burning buildings instead of out of burning buildings, the last seven years of having a president, having an attorney general that demonizes you, that vilifies you, that sides with the criminals and looters instead of the brave men and women of law enforcement, that will end on January 20, 2017. So tonight, the state of Iowa, the Democrats here seem to be in a virtual tie. Between one candidate, who admits he’s a socialist, and the other candidate who pretends she’s not.

—Ted Cruz’s victory speech after Iowa caucus, February 1, 2016

When I first heard this I couldn’t believe my ears, but then I found a transcript of the speech and yes, there it was, the man Iowa chose for Republican candidate for President of the United States said last night that the sitting president and his attorney general demonize and vilify police officers and firemen and they side with criminals and looters. Goldman Sachs speeches notwithstanding Hillary Clinton, claims Ted Cruz, is a socialist.

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