Piskarevskoye Memorial Cemetery

What one sees here are rows of mass graves, mounds labeled with the years 1941-45, the years of The Great Patriotic War.

During the seige of Leningrad over one million Soviet soldiers and over six hundred thousand Soviet civilians died. More civilians died here than all American military deaths on all fronts in WW II.

I’m thinking of a number of things this afternoon.

I can’t imagine the number of deaths.

How many visitors immediately think of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact when they see “Great Patriotic War”? How many think of western Ukraine, Belarus and Kresy?

I’m trying to understand Russian nationalism and the influence of people like Ivan Ilyen and Alexander Dugin. What does Alexander Dugin think when he sees the New York Times – the Grey Lady, America’s Newspaper of Record, All the News that’s Fit to Print – publishing a cartoon showing Trump and Putin having sex? What do Americans know about Russian nationalism? How many Americans can find St. Petersburg on a map?

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