Jeremy Corbyn and Count Folke Bernadotte

I’m coming towards the end of Alan Palmer’s Baltic and this morning read about Folke Bernadotte’s 1948 murder by Jewish terrorists. A few hours earlier I’d been reading The Guardian and Spiegel pillorying of Corbyn

Corbyn has done little to stem the tide and has even made the problem worse at times. In July, for example, Labour leadership triggered anger when it opted not to adopt word-for-word the definition of anti-Semitism offered by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance into its party statutes. In contrast to the IHRA, a collection of governments and experts, Labour believes it is legitimate to describe the foundation of a Jewish state as a „racist endeavor.“

Labour, in contrast to a collection of governments and experts?

Wikipedia has a long entry on Bernadotte’s assassination and the aftermath.

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