It’s 2017

It’s 2017, and questioning the recent report on Russia hacking the DNC has in the last couple days gotten me told by an old history teacher friend that I’m taking Trump’s position, told by someone I don’t know on Facebook “if you believe that Putin is so pure, there’s nothing stopping you from moving to Russia.”

I’m pondering that statement this morning. It’s 2017, and questioning the veracity of US intelligence prompts the suggestion that I can move to Russia. So much of my hair is white now. It’s a cool, gray morning here. The sky turning from gray to blue, quiet morning sounds bring back memories of GE’s Re-entry Division, Rockwell International, SAC, the Pentagon, the Nevada Test Site, ignorant angry Americans, men and women of various ages telling me I can go to Russia.

I’m enjoying Paul Pillar’s Why America Misunderstands the World. Pillar’s analysis of the historical factors behind American exceptionalism seems to me accurate.

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