This is around the corner from where I work at Warschauer Straße. There’s a whole line of ads on the theme at Alexanderplatz and I mean to photograph them each time I pass through on the S-Bahn, but I haven’t yet, and those are women, whereas these are young guys, albeit models, and I relate to them more.

Advertising is regularly described as perverse, obscene. The words are over-used, perhaps, but I have no others at the moment to communicate this revulsion and the sense of loneliness in being unable to share referents with people whose mode of interaction with the world is primarily monetized.

Thirty years ago today. Traincars from Prague traveling west. I am sitting here reviewing e-mail conversations with a couple friends musing about the dystopias the US and UK have become, trying to remember what I thought freedom was as a young person. One thing it had nothing to do with was consuming fashion, that I can assure you.

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