M.R.D. Foot on the impact of the resistance

If you who read this can say, I am not under fire; I am not under torture; I am not on the run; if I hear a noise at six in the morning, I know it is a neighbour or a milkman, not the secret police; no one in my country is arrested and held without prompt charge and trial; I can read newspapers, see and hear broadcasts, of several different views; within the laws of libel, I can say what I like about anybody; then you owe it, in a larger degree than most historians have so far allowed, to the resistance that occupied Europe put up to Hitler.

There is a Dutch saying worth recall: only dead fishes float down the stream, live ones swim against it.

—M.R.D. Foot, Resistance, (London: Biteback Publishing Ltd, 2016), 499-500.

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